SEND Workshops for Parents

Here at The Acorns, we are always happy to share knowledge and tips on caring for children with special educational needs with their parents and carers: there is always somebody here to talk to if you need help with your child.

In addition, we are currently in the process of organising workshops to which you will be invited to come along and join us for an informal chat over coffee and biscuits on the following subjects:

Keep on eye on the calendar - we'll let you know as soon as the dates have been confirmed!

Our first workshop (19th October 2017) covered the subject of comprehension - thank you to all the parents who struggled through torrential rain to attend! These are some of the lovely comments we received:

SEND documentation review with parent input

Our next workshop, held on 14th November, was all about reviewing how we present SEND to our parents via both the website and the available policy documents. After a really useful discussion with those parents who were present, the following changes were implemented:

Following consulatation with parents and children on the SEND report and our school's SEND policy, you said:

The Policy :

  • is easy to follow and understand
  • meets the criteria for essential information
  • is not too long and overwhelming

The SEND Report :

  • is easy to follow and navigate
  • I was able to find all the information I needed straight away
  • there should be more information on physical needs
  • the colour of the SEND button on the website was not prominent enough
  • labels on the drop-down menu were too long; could they be more concise?

What we have done:

  • changed the colour and position of the SEND button so that it is easier to find
  • shortened the names on the drop-down menu
  • added a link to the 'Information for Parents' tab
  • added an explanation of physical needs provision:
    • school is fully compliant with accessiblity legislation
    • we have two hygiene rooms with raise and fall beds and showers
    • staff are trained for specific physical difficulties, e.g:
      • hearing
      • vision
      • motor skills / handling

ASD workshop

Our third workshop, held on 14th December, covered the main aspects of autistic spectrum disorders, explained how school staff deal with issues arising from autism, discussed the extra training that our staff undertake, and gave some useful tips to parents on handling various tricky situations.



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