Acorns SEND Report - December 2016



At the Acorns, we value our pupils and our intention is that they will all reach their full potential. We believe each student is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to their educational needs. As a fully inclusive school, it is our intention to ensure that all pupils have their needs met within a caring and supportive environment.

 Parents and carers of children with special educational needs and / or disabilities often want a mainstream education for their child.  We believe that the vast majority of children are best educated in mainstream schools alongside their peers.

As an inclusive school ALL our staff over time have built up a plethora of skills and strategies in meeting the needs of our children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).

Our school offers a Resourced Provision for children with complex needs. Children are required by the Local Authority to meet the entrance criteria to attain a place in this provision.

The Acorns is an inclusive school.

 Should you have any queries about our provision for Special Educational Needs please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Kind Regards

Nicky Hearne MA, BEd (hons), SPLD (AMBDA)

Assistant Head Teacher and Inclusion Manager

Tel: 0151 355 1546



Types of SEN the Acorns provides for?

Definition of SEN: A learning difficulty or disability which means that the child has significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of his/her age, and/or has a disability which prevents or hinders his/her use of everyday educational facilities.


The Acorns cater for the four key areas of SEN as stipulated in the new Code of Practice (2014).

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, mental and emotional health
  • Sensory and /or physical


Identifying children with SEN

The list below shows a number of ways the Acorns identifies if a child has SEN.

  • Our open door policies ensure that discussions with parents / carers who express concerns leads to further investigations
  • Children entering the nursery are screened using the WELLCOM language assessment.
  • All children are closely monitored by class teachers and other staff members through observations, analysis of data and / or emotional /social concerns. These are relayed to the schools Inclusion Manager who will make further investigations / analysis.
  • Referrals may be made through outside agencies such as GPs, Speech and Language etc. (permission will always be sought from parents first).
  • The school use a number of diagnostic assessment tests for reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, mathematics and emotional needs.
  • Regular meetings are held with all class teachers and the Inclusion Manager to discuss any concerns.

Involving children with SEN and their parents in their education.

  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education through: informal discussions, telephone conversations, home school diaries and parents’ evenings. Parents can phone or pop in to school to make an appointment at any time.
  • Parents are involved in the identification of SEN from the beginning and will be approached by the class teacher or inclusion manager re any concerns.
  • Parents and Children have the opportunity to contribute to their / their child‘s SEN passport.
  • If your child receives top-up funding or has an EHC plan / statement then both the parent and child will be involved in the application / review process.
  • Parents’ permission will always be sought if outside agency support is needed. This may mean that your child will need to attend an appointment outside school or an outside agency may visit your child in school.

Provision for SEN at the Acorns

  • The Acorns has a wide variety of resources and interventions which are unstilted, tailored and reviewed regularly to meet the individual needs of individual pupils. The Acorns provide:

First quality teaching



Small group work

1:1 work

Specialist support

  • The Acorns has resourced provision for children with Complex needs. There is an entrance criteria for a place in this provision and places are allocated through the Local Authority.


Monitoring provision

  • The school have adopted the – ASSESS – PLAN – DO - REVIEW model as recommended by the DFE and nasen.
  • The class teacher closely monitors the effectiveness of the support / provision your child receives.
  • The class teacher monitors the progress your child is making and plans next steps in relation to your individual child's needs.
  • The Inclusion manager meets with all class teachers three times a year (unless more is needed) to monitor the impact of the provision for your child.
  • SMT regularly monitor progress across the whole school.

Supporting children's social and emotional development

The Acorns use S.E.A.L. (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) as a whole school programme to support children’s social and emotional development. A number of intervention programmes are also accessed depending upon the individual child’s needs.

The Acorns employs two school family liaison officers who have an extensive knowledge and a range of expertise in supporting children with social and emotional difficulties. They also offer advice and support to the whole family and signpost families to outside agencies if required

Working relationships with outside agencies.

The Acorns are proud of their links and relationships with outside agencies.  Staff will discuss with parents the need for outside agency support and parents will be asked to sign a permission slip prior to the school contacting any outside agency with regards to their child's specific needs.

We work alongside:

Paediatricians                                      Educational Psychologist             Speech and Language Therapist        

Early Years Team                                Social Services                                Occupational Therapist                     

Sensory Team                                      Autism Team                                  Physiotherapist

Volunteer Readers                             English as an additional Language Teachers

Other Local authorities                     Outreach from specialist schools

Cheshire West and Chester Information Advice and Support Service (formerly Parent Partnership)

This is not an exhaustive list and we are always keen to make links with new agencies if a child’s needs require us to do so.


Parents who wish to complain are strongly encouraged to speak to the Head Teacher regarding their complaint. If the issue cannot be resolved at this level or the complaint is regarding the Head Teacher the parent would be directed to the School Complaints Procedure.





  • SEN                           -  Special Educational Needs
  • SEND                         -  Special Educational Needs Disability
  • EHC Plan                    -  Education Health Care Plan
  • STATEMENT                -  Statement of special educational needs
  • nasen                          -  National Association for Special Educational Needs    
  • SEN Passport              -  Information relating to your child's needs which you, your child and the class teacher have contributed to.
  • Top up funding              -  Additional funding from the local authority following a request from parents, school and other professionals in order for your child to continue to have their needs met in school.
  • Diagnostic assessment - an essential device in a teacher's “tool kit”. It can be used to diagnose strengths and areas of need in all students.



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